Ken Aptekar’s video RECENT PORTRAITS (12’3″) documents the interviews for a series of painted portraits by Ken Aptekar. In advance of his 2010 solo exhibition at Graham Gallery in NYC, Aptekar interviewed the subjects of his portraits for the show, including Ira Glass, Julia Peyton-Jones, his concierge in Paris, Arlette Coudray, and his father Milt Aptekar, among others. Instead of how the people looked, these portraits show how they looked….at paintings. In museums, mostly, but also in the private collection of two of Aptekar’s “sitters.” Using their candid responses, Aptekar interpreted the paintings they looked at to come up with his own versions, and wrote short texts based on the videotaped interviews. The texts were sandblasted onto glass that was then bolted over painted panels. Together the text and image constitute a new kind of portrait. The paintings that resulted from these interviews can be found HERE.

Click to see exhibition views of RECENT PORTRAITS.

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